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Les projets de l'équipe

Cerfa researchers and students are interested in the schooling of children from three complementary aspects. The projects presented here are grouped according to these three aspects. They share a non-medical vision of disability and are interested in socio-anthropological models such as the

Human Development Model - Disability Creation Process. (HDM-DCP) Modèle du Développement Humain Processus de Production du Handicap.

Professionalization component

  • Joint teaching experience (École Jésus-Marie in Beauharnois) Delphine Odier-Guedj
  • Transfer of learning and sharing of expertise (Jesus-Marie school in Beauharnois) Delphine Odier-Guedj
  • Accompanied by the teachers of the Commission scolaire de la Vallée-des-Tisserands Delphine Odier-Guedj and Sylvie Normandeau.

Current projects.

  • Promote integration, retention and school to work transition of students with ASD. Delphine Odier-Guedj, Céline Chatenoud, Jean Horvais, Marie-Pierre Fortier, and Sylvie Normandeau.
  • Dance and education. Delphine Odier-Guedj, Myriam Tremblay
  • “LitteraT'ED” Delphine Odier-Guedj, Anne Gombert, and Valérie Maurel (see project website here).
  • Scaffolding strategies used by teachers in an interactional teaching context (PhD project, Andréa Lavigne)


Students’ Activities

  • Communicating in class with so-called "non-verbal" students, Delphine Odier-Guedj
  • Interactions between a teacher and two of her students (Master's thesis, Andréa Lavigne)
  • Two students’ with a TED relationship to writting (Master's thesis, Marie-Eve Boisvert-Hamelin)


 Current projects

  • Education for digital media. Jean Horvais
  • The relationship to writing of adolescents at high school (PhD project, Marie-Eve Boisvert-Hamelin)
  • Developing reading skills for students with mild disability. Céline Chatenoud and Catherine Turcotte
  • From evaluative measures to pedagogical measures to develop the reading skills of students with mild intellectual disability. Céline Chatenoud and Catherine Turcotte.


Partnership component

  • Adaptation strategies of the family of a person with a TSA, Céline Chatenoud, Emilie Cappe, Jean-Claude Kalubi, Delphine Odier-Guedj, Annie Paquet, andMelina Rivard, Myriam Rousseau.
  • Family dancing, Delphine Odier-Guedj and Myriam Tremblay